Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy (or pre-natal) massage is becoming increasingly popular as it is acknowledged that the behaviour of the mother while pregnant has a direct impact on the development of their child.

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience for many women. As it is often accompanied by much discomfort due to the many biochemical, hormonal, emotional and physical stressors placed upon the woman’s body.

Pregnancy MassageWhat are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

Reduced neck and back pain caused by improper posture, muscle weakness and imbalance

 Improves blood circulation, leading to greater oxygenation and nutrition delivery to organs and tissues

 Increased circulation of the lymphatic system reduces oedema and fatigue

Facilitates relaxation and helps to reduce anxiety during the pregnancy and can help prevent pregnancy-related insomnia

 Provides emotional support and nurturing for the mother and can also help increase the mother’s awareness of their body throughout her pregnancy and beyond