Baby Massage

There are so many benefits to using infant massage with your baby

Infant Massage provides mum with essential one-on-one time that will enhance your family bonding, understanding and ability to nurture. During massage Oxytocin is released in both the giver and receiver’s body. Oxytocin is our feel good hormone, also known as the hormone of love.

Baby MassageTouch is our first form of communication. So it is always natural to assume that communicating through touch enhances your ability to understand your baby’s special needs and respond appropriately

Not only does massage help your baby to release stress which builds daily from new experiences, it allows them to relax. During this special time both mum and baby have time to relax. Massaging your baby helps your little one to sleep deeper and for longer periods of time which can translate into you being able to sleep longer as well!
Through massage you will not only increase your loving, nurturing bonds with your baby, you will assist in their healthy and happy development.

Baby massages classes available in Renfrew and surrounding areas; please contact Stella for dates and time.
Baby massages classes are run over 4 weeks, each session would last about an hour and 15 minutes. At the end of the course, mum would take home a bottle of baby massage oil and booklet.