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Holistictherapy is a branch of complementary medicine known as alternative medicine. In other words, these treatment options do not fall into traditional conventional medicine practices. These therapeutic techniques use alternative methods to treat the body as a whole for the purposes of treating and preventing a variety of ailments and injuries.

Holistic TherapiesKnown as therapy for the body, mind and spirit; holistic therapy, also known as CAM – complementary and alternative medicine – assists in regaining the physical and energy balances of the body. Different types of therapies including; Aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Reiki etc.

Today massage is used to relax the mind and body and relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. Many modern health problems we suffer can directly linked back to high stress levels. Touch stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators and pain suppressors. But, massage is far more than just a treatment that makes us feel good, studies have shown that massage enhances our immune functions and lowers the level of our stress hormones.